Jquery loupe min инструкция

jquery loupe min инструкция
Tapping a file will display a list of actions that can be performed. User Name The user name required to log into the SSH server. File Name Inserts the name of the current file. Because a CSS transition is managed by the browser, the fidelity of its animation can be greatly improved, and in many cases hardware accelerated.

Password The password required for the above User Name. (If you use private keys instead of passwords to connect to the web server, tap the key icon in this field and select the appropriate key file. Transfers Set global conflict rules for uploading and downloading files. Since dynamic websites require server-side processing, you must configure the Site with at least a Remote Root and a Root URL. These are the remote filesystem path and URL respectively to the root of your website. DemoDownload — Zoom — 2796 Views Magnifying Glass is a lightweight and easily customizable jQuery plugin for zooming images like a Magnifying Glass. Here is the markup for a stand-alone icon. There are two ways to work around this: $(‘.stuff’).each(function() { … }); rewrite to: $(‘.stuff’).each(function workOnStuff() { … }); It is not commonly known that JavaScript supports naming function expressions.

Adding Icons to the List View Data Table Now lets brighten up the Data Table with some account icons. Затем, как всегда, чтобы избежать путаницы, создадим на сайте новую папку, назвав её jloupe, и распакуем в неё скачанный архив. У нас получится три файла:jquery-1.8.3.min.js, jquery.jloupe.js и вспомогательное изображение для круглой лупы loupe-trans.png. Syntax Mode Displays the syntax mode currently in use. Date Inserts the current date in M/D/YY format.

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