Интерфон ф5 инструкция

Note that the dual-kit box claims that the F5 units are paired at the factory. We didn’t notice this when we opened the box and paired them anyway — that’s what we get for not reading the instructions first! Intercom auto reconnection — If your intercom friend goes out of range while having an intercom conversation, F5MC automatically tries to reconnect the intercom. Spend time getting the positioning right, go for test rides etc.. until you get it just perfect. Initially I really wasn’t that concerned with FM Radio (I listen to AM talk mostly), the Intercom, or connecting to my GPS as my only GPS (Garmin eTrex Vista Hcx) doesn’t have Bluetooth and it doesn’t speak so it has nothing to say.

The F5 is very easy to set up and use. Continue to press until the red/blue LEDs flash to put the Interphone F5 in pairing mode. However, under the second option, all Bluetooth activity on Zumo will not work (including directions) causing line to break up and disturb any Bluetooth phone functions happening at that time.

Again, this standardization is a good thing and quite different from the first intercoms we reviewed, each of which had strange series of button pushes that had to be memorized to get it to do anything. Since I bought the unit here in Germany, the warranty claim has proven very difficult and I have gotten very little help from the Intercom website. For purchases in stores or other online retailers, it is essential to contact the retailer where you made the purchase. Pairing with the iPhone and with the second F5 intercom was easy. Bucking a strong headwind and going the max on the super slab (total wind speed more than the century mark) pushed the F5’s volume to non-intelligible with the GPS doing the talking. Music Streaming: Worked as anticipated, no problems streaming from either iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3. Quicker to select next or previous track than the G4 as its a single button tap rather than a long button hold.

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