Инструкция часы nary 6050

инструкция часы nary 6050
Following the end of filming, the car was given away by MTV, and later found its way into a museum in Eugene, Oregon. Fresh from restoration, the Pacer once again sports the blue paint, mismatched wheels and stick-on flames seen in the movie. Its Earl Schieb-quality light blue paint was sprayed over the original yellow, and flame decals were added in contrast to the performance potential of the Pacer’s 232-cu.in, 90-horsepower inline-six. Enter Rick Harrison, the lead in History Channel’s Pawn Stars, who received a tip on the car in 2015 and purchased it for $9,500 . The licorice dispenser, a non-factory option. Last Saturday, the recently restored Wayne’s World 1976 AMC Pacer crossed the stage at Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas auction, selling for a fee-inclusive price of $37,400, and easily besting the $18,945 existing world auction record for an AMC Pacer.

From there, it was purchased by a Florida resident who’d never seen the movie, but had a hunch the then-inoperable and threadbare car could be worth serious money to the right collector. The car’s wheels were deliberately mismatched with hubcaps up front and chrome wagon-spokes out back to emphasize the car’s teen-poverty origins. On the other hand, it did have an Excellent! audio system, a soft-drink tap and a ceiling-mounted licorice dispenser. Like the movie itself, which sprung from a series of skits on Saturday Night Live , no one expected the Mirthmobile to be a hit.

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