Руководство по eclipse

руководство по eclipse
One such tool is like Ctrlflow Insights, which creates recommendation models in a form that Code Recommenders can use: custom-made model repositories. Valid Configurations * — References to one or more configurations for which the referenced IU should be verified. Override Completion The Override Completion engine provides you with recommendations which methods you are most likely to override when triggering code completion in the body of class. The expression returns EvaluationResult.NOT_LOADED if either the adapter or the type referenced isn’t loaded yet. It throws an ExpressionException during evaluation if the type name doesn’t exist at all. Properties View shows how to define custom properties views for your modelers.

This page uses the same information as the call completion engine; thus, its recommendations are context-sensitive and take into account how the object was created and what methods have already been called. Dependency Overview The Dependency Overview view (available under Window > Show View > Other… > Code Recommenders > Dependency Overview) shows you for which of your projects’ dependencies there are recommendation models available and in what version. There is a default translation from BSN naming standard to Maven naming. If that is not satisfactory, custom transformations are supported by the definition of one or more Maven Mappings which can be defined at the Aggregator and the Contribution level. Additionally, it shows you exactly how often other developers have overridden specific methods. Если бы в проекте присутствовали другие файлы, которые тоже вызывали бы greet(), они изменились бы аналогичным способом.Если вы запустите программу сейчас, она выдаст точно такие же результаты, что и прежде, как и должно быть при любой процедуре рефакторинга. Valid Configurations * — References to zero or more configurations for which the referenced bundle has to be verified. If no references are given the bundle has to be verified for all Configurations defined for the aggregation.

Instead, it has one or more format version branches. These models can be created using data-analysis tools which analyze and extract common usage rules and patterns from your code. Completion Tips since 2.0.5 The Completion Tips engine provides tips on how to enhance your code completion experience. Once a model has been downloaded, the blue dot changes to a green check mark. Name — The id of the IU to be included in the verification process. A drop-down of available names is provided.

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